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Connect faster without being ignored

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Would you like your customers to download your app on their phones, visit your website or order from your store? All this and more simplified with Araboost and influencers

Select Audience Category

Araboost sends notification to influencers compatible with your campaign targets and audience, with zero effort on your part.

Campaign Launch

Influencers share special generated links on their platforms to reach their followers and your potential customers

Detailed performance reports

Brands receive complete, detailed and direct reports on all campaign aspects

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Focus on outcomes and forget the rest

Engage with influencer marketing with analytics and numbers

You don't need to go hunting. Targeting is sufficient.

Once defining key details of your campaign, you can define the target accurately based on the audiences and influencers you look up, Araboost will take care of the rest, including finding the best influencers and contacting them to take part in your campaign.

You don't need to negotiate or contract.

Price and expected outcomes are set clear at the start based on your targets. Araboost takes care of the rest from contracting compatible influencers to maximizing success rate of detailed targets.

Focus on outcomes and performance reports

Araboost provides you with detailed and up-to-date performance reports. It contains all the information needed to determine campaign performance based on a group of influencers or individuals.

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