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Questions on platform nature and function
1. What is Araboost?
Araboost is a platform helping brands and business owners create advertising campaigns through influencers in a straightforward fashion with a focus on outcomes, instead of individual influencers. The goal is to simplify the process of marketing through influencers, to make it as simple as making an online promotion on any famous platform. Araboost also helps influencers avoid excessive negotiations, as it provides a clear plan and price so that influencers can work directly on the campaign and focus on achieving the goals.
2. The difference between Araboost and other influencer marketing platforms:
Our focus is on outcomes, there is no bidding, approval, and time-consuming processes. Things are really simple in Araboost. Just write your campaign details, set your targets and budget, and launch your campaign. We forgot influencers? A notification will arrive with campaign details, price, and estimated target. You have the ability to accept it, once you do, it will start working without any more details or complications! Here you can create multiple campaigns simultaneously, while focusing only on outcomes.
3. Is your focus on certain markets or countries?
Araboost is for everyone. We support countries with sufficient number of influencers for targeting local audiences, so our platform is always undergoing periodic updates for targeted regions and countries.
4. What advantages does Araboost bring, why can't I do it myself?
As an advertiser, Araboost helps you identify your targets, and connects you with influencers compatible with those targets. It also provides detailed reports on audience engagement with each campaign. Can you imagine employing someone that provides all of this? They will look for influencers, attempt to find out their details, negotiate their prices, then monitor their work and issue a report on their performance. Imagine how much time and effort that would take. Araboost does all of that and more! And as an influencer, it's a way to forgo excessive negotiations, grow your income instantly, and measure your exact performance and audience engagement outside your platform.


Questions on influencers, their definition and function
1. How can I become an influencer with campaign contributions and earnings?
You can sign up as an influencer on Araboost by having at least one legitimate account on one of Araboost supported platforms.
2. Which platforms do Araboost support?
Araboost currently supports Twitter, Instagram Business and You Tube for open accounts, but not for private ones.
3. Do I have to link one of my social media accounts to become and influencer on Araboost?
That is correct. This helps with understanding audience nature and account statistics.
4. Are there any security risks for account hacking or any other account issues?
No, of course not. We work under a partnership with our supported platforms and only request certain authorizations granted Araboost personal information. No risk is associated with linking your account.
5. How does Araboost protect my privacy?
Araboost doesn't post any content on your account without permission. Only brands can view your account while working on the campaign. Araboost generally operates with open accounts.
6. How do I begin working as an influencer on Araboost after account activation?
Sit back and monitor Araboost and notifications. You will receive a separate notification when a campaign requesting you is established. The notification contains details on the campaign, expected performance, and estimated earnings. You may either approve or reject the campaign.
7. How do I begin working on a campaign after being accepted into it?
Once you approve the campaign a unique personal link is generated, you may share this link as part of your promotion on your accounts. This is a highly intelligent link that collects many details, such as actual click count, and source of traffic etc. Your performance is calculated on the basis of the link.
8. Why wasn't I accepted into a campaign after approving a campaign offer?
Notifications are sent to the selected influencers, once the need number of campaign influencers is reached, requests from new influencers are denied. Hence, you must accept requests as fast as possible.
9. What happens if I approve a campaign, but never promotes my link?
Araboost performing periodic checks, in the event of inactivity for a period beyond 48 hours, your participation in the campaign is canceled and the brand is notified. This brings down your rating on the platform, if multiple instances are observed, it will no longer doubt your priority level in Araboost.
10. Do you record my performance in campaigns?
Of course. You should always seek to exceed expectations in a short time. This will raise your priority level, increase your earnings, and put you in the top-rated class on the platform.
11. How are campaign earnings calculated for a campaign I am a part of?
Earnings are gradually calculated. Each campaign has a target that is split between a number of participants influencers. Once you hit 20% of target, you become eligible for half of your estimated campaign earnings, and when you hit 50% you become eligible for 90% of earnings. The remaining 10% is released on completion of campaign target.
12. Why did I not receive any earnings after working on this campaign?
As was explained in the question on earnings calculation, you are not eligible for any earnings in case you had withdrawn from the campaign, or you didn't hit 20% of your target.
13. Why are earnings given as recognitions with a minimum and maximum threshold, without a definite number?
Araboost estimates the number of participating campaign influencers, price is set on the basis of number of campaign participants. The full earnings amount is displayed as soon as you begin working on the campaign.
14. When do I become eligible for the full earnings?
Earnings are directly transferred to your account on Araboost at the conclusion of the campaign.
15. How do I withdraw my earnings?
You can donate your earnings from Araboost through PayPal or bank transfers.
16. Are there any withdrawal fees?
Araboost has no withdrawal fees, however, payment provider fees may apply.
17. What is the minimum withdrawal for earnings?
The minimum is $100 USD or its equivalent in your local currency.
18. Why do I have unavailable balance?
There are different balance types, such as total balance: which is the total of funds in your account, including available and unavailable funds. Pending balance: is funds from unconfirmed campaigns. It becomes available for withdrawal once a campaign is confirmed. Available balance: are funds from earnings of advertisements for campaigns which confirm the release of payment to your account. You may withdraw available balance through the available payment gateway. In general, the balance will be available after completing the campaign.

Brands & Businesses

Questions on businesses and how a business may use Araboost
1. Are there any fees for joining Araboost?
Registration is 100% free
2. Are there limits on which campaigns I can create?
Campaigns with the following elements are not allowed: Nudity and other suggestive content, speech inciting hate or legitimate threats, direct attacks against groups or individuals, content with excessive violence or psychological damage, and fraud or deception.
3. Can my campaign be rejected?
If it violates content policy. Added campaigns are reviewed by Arab Boost.
4. There is a section called "Campaign Source" when adding campaign details, what is that?
Campaign Source is the entity referenced by influencers in the campaign. This can be your: website link, Facebook page, social media accounts etc. You need to select source type through the menu and enter your link or account page
5. What options are there for influencer selection?
Araboost is now providing a range of options for the influencer's target audience. You may choose for age, sex, and individual's count of followers and interests. This improves the accuracy of campaign and influencers.
6. Why can't I find my country under the list of countries?
Countries with a sufficient number of documented influencers on Arab Boost will be displayed, while countries without sufficient numbers are hidden. This is to increase targeting accuracy and campaign success rates.
7. Why do prices differ based on residence country?
Araboost employs an adjustable pricing system on the basis of targeted influencer rates. Difference in prices is due to participation of targeted influencers in the campaign.
8. Can I create campaigns for any price tag?
We have a minimum price per country, calculated based on the pricing of a single influencer campaign (Araboost doesn't recommend single influencer campaigns).
9. Is the number of participating influencers decided by campaign price?
Yes, the number of influencers per campaign is based on the identified campaign target.
10. Is the prediction indicator for number of conversations and visits real and trustworthy?
Is a prediction indicator carefully calculated based on the data. Arab Boost will continue to provide all campaign and performance details, hence it may not be identical to our report. However, it is a useful estimation in determining campaign performance.
11. How is payment made on Araboost, and can I pay in local currency?
Araboost safe payment with debit cards through Stripe. No payment information is stored on Araboost, except for what is stored with Stripe as the payment authorizer and backer. You may pay in your local currency if your currency is supported, or else in the virtual Arab Boost currency.
12. Is payment through Araboost safe?
Of course. We use Stripe to process payments, not our platform itself.
13. Why is my local currency on display instead of US dollar?
Araboost is customized based on residence country. Local currency is displayed if supported, in place of the virtual currency. All calculations are then displayed according to the local currency.
14. Do Araboost bear any responsibility as to the performance of the campaign?
No; Araboost is an advanced platform that offers various tools and technologies to enhance the likelihood of executing campaigns efficiently and cost-effectively. Araboost also generates reports that provide valuable insights for future campaign improvements. However, it is crucial to note that Araboost is not liable for the campaign's performance outcome. Its primary responsibility is to assist users in achieving their desired outcomes.
15. Can I decide participating influencers?
This is not possible at the moment. Araboost is focused on outcomes, not individual influencers. It intelligently assigns compatible influencers to your campaign. Capability is digitalized through technology, enabling the reach of target.
16. I created a campaign and received a message that the campaign will be on hold for a maximum of 48 hours, why?
This is correct. Araboost will notify compatible campaign influencers automatically and will activate the campaign once the need number is reached. The maximum wait time for campaign activation is 48 hours.
17. Why is the number of campaign influencers less than expected?
In the event that there is only one influencer and the number is not achieved within 48 hours during the activation phase, the campaign is launched with the one influencer bearing full responsibility for the campaign target. If the influencer doesn't participate or achieve the minimum target, the campaign and its charges are canceled and remaining funds are returned to the brand's account.
18. What happens if no influencers join my campaign?
If no influencer accepts the campaign, it becomes pending. You will either need to relaunch it with different details, or cancel it.
19. How is the bill of campaign calculated?
Araboost deducts a percentage between 20 to 25 percent directly from the budget value. This percentage is exclusively utilized for searching for suitable influencers, negotiating contracts with them, and generating reports. It is a separate charge that is not linked to the usage budget. The remaining portion of the budget is allocated towards compensating the influencers who participate in the campaign. If the campaign is initiated, the influencers' payments are gradually deducted. However, if the campaign is terminated or cannot be completed, the total amount is refunded, and any payments that were made to the influencers are deducted from the refunded amount. Araboost's fee is deducted in all scenarios.
20. What happens when a campaign is established, with participants influencers less than the expected number?
Campaign target is split between available influencers as to achieve the target or exceed it.
21. How can I check campaign performance?
There are a dedicated reports screen where one can view lead conversion, detailed statistics, as well as participating campaign influencers.
22. Where do I get my money back?
Any money is returned to your balance through the platform, where you can use it in other campaigns as a balance.
23. When refunds are made to my account on Araboost, what can I use the money for?
You can use it for new campaigns. It may only be used when the cost of the new campaign is less than your available balance. You can also recharge your balance separately, then use it on campaigns.

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